Sky Lodge's summer staff program is based on the conviction that we are all in need of continued growth and development. Like a continuous renovation project (one might call it a construction zone), our hearts are being shaped and remodeled no matter where we are in our lives. Here we strive to assist young people in constructing their lives in Christ.
This program is a job, so it requires effort and commitment. Yet, Zone's atmosphere feels unlike typical summer employment and far more like a summer camp retreat. Zone consists of high school Crew, young adult Foremen, the Staff Dean(s), and our Staff Director. Each plays a vital role in helping Sky Lodge function as an environment for God to move.
Our Mission, Goal, & Methods
Our Mission

The mission of The Zone program is to create and guard a total experience emphasizing following Jesus Christ; resulting in the discipleship of high school students as they live, work, play, and worship along side young adults.


Our Goal

Our objective is to lead our staff into maturing relationships with Jesus Christ. A mature relationship is an interactive one in which the disciple seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit and responds to His leading in their life.


Our Methods

Provide spiritual direction through a daily ministry of service.

Provide fun fellowship activities lead by focused and trained Foremen.

Assist in the development of habits for spiritual growth.

Offer individuals accountability through Growth Partners.


We offer a variety of positions with varying levels of responsibility and commitment.

If you have finished your first year of high school and are looking for a few weeks of crazy fun this summer -  come join us!  We have a faith based summertime community unlike anywhere else. Our hope is that you learn a lot, build some great friendships, and grow closer to Christ. Apply to be on
Sky Lodge's staff today!
Check this out if you have completed high school and are willing to spend a full summer working hard while you refine your ability to guide teens into closer relationships with God. Help create Zone's community as a part of our young adult leadership team! A season you won't forget.
Our Dean lead alongside our Staff Director. Their role is to nurture the whole summer staff's relationships with God. They strive to keep harmony in Zone and to make sure everybody is cared about and looked out for. They are here to serve and enable Sky Lodge's ministry. If you are interested in filling this position, send an email to skylodgeanga@gmail.com.
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