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This unique climbing challenge isn't something you find in your average climbing gym.  Build your own climbing tower out of milk crates as high as you can.  Then our auto-belay will catch you and safely lower you down!

Our climbing wall tops out at 26 ft and features 4 routes with varying levels of difficulty - great for first timers or experienced climbers.  We have 4 auto-belays that allow us to run many climbers in a short amount of time.

Work your way from left to right on our 30 ft long traverse wall.  This is a great option if heights aren't your thing but you are still looking for a climbing challenge.  The best part is, you don't have to worry about any ropes or harnesses!

The most common question we get is...

what is crate stacking?

Crate stacking is an intense climbing activity that will test your strength, balance, endurance, problem solving, and is sure to help you conquer any fear of heights.  

Maybe you are wondering...

how does it work?

I'm glad you asked! First our trained staff harness you in and fit you with a helmet.  Then we hook you up to our auto belay that is inspected yearly by it's manufacturers.  The unit is rated for climbers with a minimum weight of 30lbs. and a maximum of 300lbs. 


Then, you can begin climbing!  Belay On!  You can choose to climb a double stack, which is a twin tower of crates stacked side by side.  Or you can tackle the more challenging single stack; using the hand holes on the sides of the crates to make your ascent one crate at a time.  

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