October 22-24, 2021
Staff Retreat Videos
2021: Infomercials
There's Got to be a Better Way
Giant Saran Wrap
The Smell Neutralizer
Shower in a Can
2020: Disney Comes to Sky Lodge
The Sky Lodge Avengers Versus Karen Extravaganza Super Fun Time... Yes
Outside In
Star Wars Episode 4.5 - The Smooshie
2019: Childhood Classics REMADE
Tobuscus Adventres
Winnie The Pooh
2018: Music Videos
Call Me Maybe

Cast: Emma, Maggie, Marissa, Megan, October, Olivia L, Sam, Taurilyn

Awards:  Best Overall Film 

Cotton Eye Joe

Cast:  Ashton, Brittany, Christine, Evan, Jessica, May Qing, Micah, Olivia S, Summer

Awards: Master of Movement (Micah)



USSR (YMCA Parody)

Cast: Ben, Brendon, Carolyn, Colin, Dakota, Isaac, Joy, Ryan

Awards: Broadway Babe (Brenden)


Cast: Chris, Elijah, Isaac, Isabel, Jacob, Janessa, Shannon

Awards: Loudest Laugh (Jacob), Breakout Performance (Jacob)


2017: Board Games Come to Life
Battleship Duel

Description: Elicia, Rebekah, Tauri, & October

Awards: Most Lit (Rebekah), Most Creative Character (October), Best Overall Film 

Description: Ben R, Ryan, Ben S, Brendon, Colin, Joy, & Lydia

Awards: Most Versatile Character (Brendon)



LIT Family Feud

Description: Chris, Maggie, Chloe, Elijah, Isabel, Janessa, Moriah

Awards: Most Child-like Character (Maggie)


The Missing Door Knob
You Should Laugh

Description: Elijah, Lilly, Janessa, TJ, Micah, Isabel, & Chris star in this time traveling crime drama.

Awards: Door Knob Award (Micah)

Description: Jessica, Caleb, Edith, October, Haley, Ashton, Elicia, & Moriah star in this high energy time traveling adventure!

Awards: Energy Award (Caleb), Best Time Machine Award, Most Traveled Award



A Mistake in Time

Description: Ben, Ryan, Isaac, Brendon, Lydia, & Keturah star in this comical and some what abusive flashback in time.

Awards: Most Abused Award (Brendon), Best Over All Film


2015: Video Games Come To Life
The Birds & Pigs
Sky Lodge Zombie Apocalypse Survival
Glitchy Game

Description: Alex, Boris, Cheyenne, Brian, TJ, & Emily star in this Angery Birds video game dance off.

Awards: Most Comical Character (TJ) & Best Overall Film

Description: Jessica, Katrina, Megan, Emma, Cole, & Ryan star in this zombie survival game come to life!

Awards: Most Vile Villian (Jessica)



Description: Alec, Noah, TJ, Micia, Camryn, & Summer star in this classic camp video game. 

Awards: Best Actress (Camryn) & Best Actor (Noah)





2014: Alien Invation
Murder in the Claw Degree

Description: Alex, Boris, Brittany, Katrina, Trevor, Summer, Jasmine, and Myra star in an out of this world murder mystery.

Awards: Scariest Villian (Alex)

The Western Tragedy

Description: Alec, Tyler, Nicole, Jonah, Riana, Joey, Rochelle, and Luke star in a special about an alien that crash landed on earth. Just as she starts to feel comfortable on earth she is called to come home.

Awards: Most Comical Character (Luke) & Best Overall Film

Boys, Aliens... Same Thing

Description: Megan, Melissa, Edith, Stephen, Emma, Haley, Emily, and Barbara star in a comical alien mystery. The clues lead them to an unlikely discovery.

Awards: Best Actress (Wags) & Best Actor (Stephen)

2013: Origins of A Superhero
Force Cry

Group Members: Alex Cejpek, Marissa Tomovich, Pat Fredrickson, & Summer Klingaman

Awards: Best Actor (Alex) & Best Overall Film

The Origin of Josh
FBI: Federal Banana Investigators

Group Members: Tyler Cox, Ethen Glasson, Rebekah Moyers, Anna Johnson, & Marin Lynch

Awards: Scariest Villian (Rebekah)

Group Members: Rachel Shinabarger, Myra Delikat, Brianna Jordahl, & Emily Niesen 

Awards: Best Actress (Rachel) & Funniest Character (Myra Delikat)




WHEN? October 22-24, 2021. Friday evening  through Sunday morning. Check in is 6:00-8:00pm on Friday, and we should be finished by 11:00 on Sunday.
WHO? Anybody who worked on Zone Staff in the past 3 summers. 2021, 2020, & 2019.
WHAT IS IT? A goofy weekend full of laughter and learning.  We spend all day Saturday making movies and then host an elegant movie premier to showcase our ridiculous movies.  We pack a lot of great teaching into the weekend as well.  We want to give you a spiritual boost until we get to see you next summer!
HOW MUCH? Free! 
(We will ask you to help with some dishes though.)
TRANSPORTATION? Sorry, we will not be providing a shuttle this year. You will have to find your own way up. If you need a ride please contact us and we might be able to help you find a ride with someone in your area.
PACKING? Here is a list of some things to bring.
  • The usual: clothes, bedding, toiletries, etc.
  • Warmer clothes. You may spend a lot of time outside making movies.
  • A fancy dressed up look for our red carpet event.
  • Any costumes or props that you'd like to incorporate into your movie.
  • A device to record with, if you're willing to bring one.
  • A device with movie editing software, if you're willing to bring one.