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October 27-29, 2023
WHEN? October 27-29, 2023. Friday evening  through Sunday morning. Check in is 6:00-8:00pm on Friday, and we should be finished by 11:00 on Sunday.
WHO? Anybody who worked on Zone Staff in the past 3 summers. 2021, 2022, & 2023.
WHAT IS IT? A goofy weekend full of laughter and learning.  We spend all day Saturday making movies and then host an elegant movie premier to showcase our ridiculous movies.  We pack a lot of great teaching into the weekend as well.  We want to give you a spiritual boost until we get to see you next summer!
COST? Free! 
(We will ask you to help with some dishes though.)
TRANSPORTATION? Sorry, we will not be providing transportation. You will have to find your own way up. If you need a ride please contact us and we might be able to help you find a ride with someone in your area.
PACKING? Here is a list of some things to bring.
  • The usual: clothes, bedding, toiletries, etc.
  • Warmer clothes. You may spend a lot of time outside making movies.
  • A fancy dressed up look for our red carpet event.
  • Any costumes or props that you'd like to incorporate into your movie.
  • A device to record with, if you're willing to bring one.
  • A device with movie editing software, if you're willing to bring one.
Register Online

Retreat Speaker 

Noah Williams


Noah is Youth Pastor at Marquette Community Church in Montello, Wisconsin.  There he joins students on their walk with Christ, teaching and encouraging them through studying God's Word and living life together.  Noah lives near by with his wife Belle and two young children, Eloise and Peter.  When he is not keeping up with youth and toddlers, Noah enjoys reading and spending time outdoors.

Staff Retreat Videos
Staff Retreat Videos
2021: Infomercials
There's Got to be a Better Way
Giant Saran Wrap
The Smell Neutralizer
Shower in a Can
2020: Disney Comes to Sky Lodge
The Sky Lodge Avengers Versus Karen Extravaganza Super Fun Time... Yes
Outside In
Star Wars Episode 4.5 - The Smooshie
2019: Childhood Classics REMADE
Tobuscus Adventres
Winnie The Pooh
2018: Music Videos
Call Me Maybe

Cast: Emma, Maggie, Marissa, Megan, October, Olivia L, Sam, Taurilyn

Awards:  Best Overall Film 

Cotton Eye Joe

Cast:  Ashton, Brittany, Christine, Evan, Jessica, May Qing, Micah, Olivia S, Summer

Awards: Master of Movement (Micah)



USSR (YMCA Parody)

Cast: Ben, Brendon, Carolyn, Colin, Dakota, Isaac, Joy, Ryan

Awards: Broadway Babe (Brenden)


Cast: Chris, Elijah, Isaac, Isabel, Jacob, Janessa, Shannon

Awards: Loudest Laugh (Jacob), Breakout Performance (Jacob)


2017: Board Games Come to Life
Battleship Duel

Description: Elicia, Rebekah, Tauri, & October

Awards: Most Lit (Rebekah), Most Creative Character (October), Best Overall Film 

Description: Ben R, Ryan, Ben S, Brendon, Colin, Joy, & Lydia

Awards: Most Versatile Character (Brendon)



LIT Family Feud

Description: Chris, Maggie, Chloe, Elijah, Isabel, Janessa, Moriah

Awards: Most Child-like Character (Maggie)


The Missing Door Knob
You Should Laugh

Description: Elijah, Lilly, Janessa, TJ, Micah, Isabel, & Chris star in this time traveling crime drama.

Awards: Door Knob Award (Micah)

Description: Jessica, Caleb, Edith, October, Haley, Ashton, Elicia, & Moriah star in this high energy time traveling adventure!

Awards: Energy Award (Caleb), Best Time Machine Award, Most Traveled Award



A Mistake in Time

Description: Ben, Ryan, Isaac, Brendon, Lydia, & Keturah star in this comical and some what abusive flashback in time.

Awards: Most Abused Award (Brendon), Best Over All Film


2015: Video Games Come To Life
The Birds & Pigs
Sky Lodge Zombie Apocalypse Survival
Glitchy Game

Description: Alex, Boris, Cheyenne, Brian, TJ, & Emily star in this Angery Birds video game dance off.

Awards: Most Comical Character (TJ) & Best Overall Film

Description: Jessica, Katrina, Megan, Emma, Cole, & Ryan star in this zombie survival game come to life!

Awards: Most Vile Villian (Jessica)



Description: Alec, Noah, TJ, Micia, Camryn, & Summer star in this classic camp video game. 

Awards: Best Actress (Camryn) & Best Actor (Noah)





2014: Alien Invation
Murder in the Claw Degree

Description: Alex, Boris, Brittany, Katrina, Trevor, Summer, Jasmine, and Myra star in an out of this world murder mystery.

Awards: Scariest Villian (Alex)

The Western Tragedy

Description: Alec, Tyler, Nicole, Jonah, Riana, Joey, Rochelle, and Luke star in a special about an alien that crash landed on earth. Just as she starts to feel comfortable on earth she is called to come home.

Awards: Most Comical Character (Luke) & Best Overall Film

Boys, Aliens... Same Thing

Description: Megan, Melissa, Edith, Stephen, Emma, Haley, Emily, and Barbara star in a comical alien mystery. The clues lead them to an unlikely discovery.

Awards: Best Actress (Wags) & Best Actor (Stephen)

2013: Origins of A Superhero
Force Cry

Group Members: Alex Cejpek, Marissa Tomovich, Pat Fredrickson, & Summer Klingaman

Awards: Best Actor (Alex) & Best Overall Film

The Origin of Josh
FBI: Federal Banana Investigators

Group Members: Tyler Cox, Ethen Glasson, Rebekah Moyers, Anna Johnson, & Marin Lynch

Awards: Scariest Villian (Rebekah)

Group Members: Rachel Shinabarger, Myra Delikat, Brianna Jordahl, & Emily Niesen 

Awards: Best Actress (Rachel) & Funniest Character (Myra Delikat)




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