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May 3-4, 2024

Bishop Kenny Martin

IBishop Kenny Martin presides over the Free Methodist Church USA along the West Coast (including Alaska and Hawaii) and in the South Central U.S. and Upper Midwest. He also provides ecclesiastical accountability for our missions work in Africa in partnership with the Free Methodist Church USA General Conference. He was elected to the Board of Bishops at General Conference 2023 after starting the Kingdom Cathedral church plant in San Bernardino, California, and serving since 1991 as a Free Methodist pastor in California, Indiana, Maryland, and Missouri.  


His educational experiences include studies at Greenville, Spring Arbor, and Mid-America Christian universities. He is married to Rev. Estelle Martin, and they have two daughters and several grandchildren.

Superintendent Carl Brannon
W. Carl Brannon was elected as Superintendent of the North

Central Conference in April 2020

and began his duties July 1, 2020. He has had a variety of leadership roles

and experiences during his years

in ministry which includes

pastoring in North Central

Conference and as staff pastor at the Greenville Free Methodist Church for the past 13 years.


Carl is a strategic thinker with multiple experiences in cross-cultural collaboration and outreach, as well as a passion to grow the kingdom through developing and multiplying leaders.

Carl and Kim have been married 33 years.  She is also outreach minded and has been a supportive partner in ministry. Kim has been a schoolteacher, stay-at-home mother, substitute teacher, and office administrator at the Greenville University Music Department.  She also runs a Fair-Trade business supporting widows, orphans and missions. Kim has a passion for prayer, discipling women, and is active in Celebrate Recovery and supporting Eden’s Glory.  


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