Interested in a high school Zone Crew position?
Here are the five steps to take.
Entering grades 10-13 
Application Deadline:
April 1

Pray and seek the Lord's will regarding His plans for you this summer.


Look over descriptions of service areas and a summary of life on Zone.


The digital application is a spreadsheet.  You can use Microsoft Excel or Google sheets to fill it out, then either return it by email or mail. Please fill out the online application by April 1.


If this is your first time applying, make sure you access the two reference forms linked below. Send one link to your pastor/youth leader and the other to an adult friend (not family). 


Finally, be sure to read through our Zone Staff Handbook to understand what is expected from our summer staff at Sky Lodge.

In the spring we will review applications and send out acceptance emails and contracts.

The earlier you apply the more likely it is that you will get the weeks you request.

Thanks for applying to serve in 
The Zone!