Foremen are responsible for creating and guarding the Zone atmosphere in which following Christ is the overriding focus. The primary goal of this adult leadership team is to guide high school Crew into deeper relationships with Christ through discipleship. Foremen act as positive role models as hardworking managers AND in ordinary everyday interactions with Crew. They cultivate a Christlike servant atmosphere when serving at Sky Lodge. Foremen are considerate when working with all types of people. They value diligence and are able to train others in how to “work at it with all your heart” like in Colossians 3:23. They provide spiritual direction whenever opportunities arise. Foremen maintain their own habits for personal spiritual growth and keep a ministry focus throughout the summer. They assist high school Crew members in developing habits for spiritual growth by forming a close knit summertime community that offers Biblical grace and truth.
  • At least 18 years old and has completed high school by May 2020
  • Has a personal relationship with God in which their love for Him is evident in daily life. 
  • Dedicated to their spiritual growth and submitted to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Shows a strong work ethic and has a desire to do good work.
  • Motivated to work with high schoolers, Desires to see them grow in Christ
  • Willing to forego personal rights for the common good of the Sky Lodge community. 
  • Willing to stand by the philosophies and policies of Zone at Sky Lodge Christian Camp. 
  • Willing to be stretched intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
Each summertime Foreman we hire is assigned to a specific realm of camp that becomes their space to lead and train. Below are brief descriptions of each of the Foremen roles that serve with us at Sky Lodge.

Positions Descriptions

Barn Foreman

The Barn staff work hard to care for our herd and to provide wonderful horse experiences for campers at Sky Lodge. Primarily, this crew works closely with the six weeks of specialty horse camps Sky Lodge offers throughout the summer. We hire one or two Barn Foremen to maintain good attitudes and safety in our barn area and out on the trails. We need them to be capable of teaching/training others how to properly work with horses.

Qualifications: Needs horse experience. Should have barn skills, including grooming, saddling, and riding. Should be good with people and be able to effectively communicate a knowledge of horses.

Special Requirements: You will be interviewed by our Zone Staff Director AND our Barn Director. We may ask you to come up to Sky Lodge during the interview process in order for us to get to know you and for you to get a better understanding of our horse program.

Camper Park Foreman

Our Camper Park Foreman works hard helping lead our Maintenance Crew during the week and handling all the weekend responsibilities at Sky Lodge. They take care of a lot of the outdoor projects around Sky Lodge, like mowing, garbage runs, and pumping. This Foreman works an alternate schedule than the rest of our staff in order to be available at the Front Desk over the weekend for our Camper Park guests.

Qualifications: Must be able to deal with questions/concerns/criticisms in a positive and poductive manner. Enjoys working with their hands, physical labor, and problem solving. Good phone and people skills. Experience in handling money responsibly.

Special Requirements: The Camper Park Foreman must be Lifeguard and CPR certified. We offer a course at Sky Lodge at the beginning of the summer.

Hitching Post Foreman

Our Hitching Post Crew works hard in our snack shop as well as handles a lot of the daily cleaning here at Sky Lodge. We hire a Foremen to be the manager of this Service Area. This Foreman leads cleaning in the mornings, makes sure that the Hitching Post runs smoothly in the afternoons and occasionally in the evenings, as well as handles weekly inventory of our treats and our cleaning supplies.

Qualifications: We are looking for somebody who has experience in good customer service. Someone with experience in handling money responsibly. Someone with strength in organization and cleanliness.

Special Requirements: None!

Kitchen Foreman

Our Kitchen staff works hard to prepare, serve, and clean up after our meals here at Sky Lodge. We hire a two to four Foremen to be managers of the high school Crew in this fast-paced service area. Usually the first ones in and the last ones out, our Kitchen Foremen are an admirable force that we appreciate and depend on all summer long.

Qualifications: We are looking for those who are capable of following AND giving out directions. Those who know how to hustle and will be dedicated until the finish. Those we can rely on to have a resiliently positive attitude. Experience in food service is a bonus!

Special Requirements: None!

Lifeguard Foreman

Our Lifeguard Crew works hard to keep our pool safe here at Sky Lodge. We hire a Foremen to be a leader and the best example of diligence in this service area. This Foremen is trained to be well versed in pool guidelines and rescue procedures, as well as to maintain the pool's cleanliness and to make sure we adhere to state code standards.

Qualifications: We want someone who is good with people and able to communicate clearly. Somebody who is patient and meticulous. Someone who can handle both the big picture and the tiny details.

Special Requirements: We’re looking for a Red Cross certified lifeguard with current Red Cross CPR certification. If you aren’t currently certified but are interested in the position, we offer a training at Sky Lodge at the beginning of the summer.

Office Foreman

The Office Foremen is the one who responds to questions and needs brought to the Front Desk, as well as the being the all-important voice of Sky Lodge that answers the phone. This role assists Terry Hankins, our Camp Secretary. This is typically Foreman position, but sometimes the spot is filled by a qualified high schooler.

Qualifications: Must be able to deal with questions/concerns/criticisms in postive and productive manner. Good phone and people skills. Experience in handling money responsibly.

Special Requirements: None!

Utility Foreman

Those in this role will work the majority of their summer as a Counselor for our youth camps at Sky Lodge. During non-counseling weeks, we will fit you into the Zone structure based on our guest group needs and your abilities.

Qualifications: We are looking for those who know how to have a good time with kids! Someone with experience working with children. Someone who can keep others on schedule and cultivate a fun environment. Someone eager to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Special Requirements: You will be expected to go through a Red Cross certification course for lifeguarding and CPR, a Challenge Course Training, and Sky Lodge's Counselor Training. All of these courses will take place here at camp at the beginning of the summer.

Program Foreman

Our Program staff work hard to meet the specific needs of our guest groups here at Sky Lodge. We hire two Program Foremen who are gifted in communication to take the lead in this service area. They will lead the dining room during meals, run fun activities for our campers, and often work our Front Desk in the evening hours. They will be cross trained in a variety of the fun areas at Sky Lodge.

Qualifications: We’re looking for those with great communication skills. Someone self-motivated, diligent and flexible.

Special Requirements: You will need to be a Red Cross certified lifeguard with current CPR certification. You'll need to take the Challenge Course Training to be able to facilitate our climbing activities. All of these courses are offered here at Sky Lodge at the beginning of the summer. You also may be asked to go through Counselor Training in order to be a Counselor for some of our Sky Lodge camps.

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