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  • Sky Lodge has over 75 campsites with electric and water hook-ups available year round!

  • We also offer a few primitive sites where you can pitch a tent and enjoy a nice campfire.

  • Our Chapel/Rec building provides bathrooms and showers for the camper park.

  • There is a $6.35 daily fee for air conditioning, and a $7.50 fee for septic removal.

  • Guests who are camping are welcome to use the facilities at camp.  (There is an extra fee for climbing activities, paintball and horse back riding)  

Off-Road Recreational Vehicles Policy

We have had a big increase in the use of “Off-Road Vehicles” at Sky Lodge. We understand that they can be a lot of fun and save a few steps. Recently, there have been complaints concerning “Off-Road Vehicles” from neighbors, parents, Sky Lodge staff, and campers. Of course we can’t have “Off-Road Vehicles” interrupting regular camp programming or our peaceful natural setting.


We are putting in place a policy concerning “Off-Road Vehicles”. We hope that by following these guidelines, regular camping activities and “Off-Road Vehicles” can exist peacefully at Sky Lodge. Here is our policy:


  1. There is a No “Off-Road Vehicles” Zone at Camp. This zone includes the main buildings, the horse trails and the neighbor’s property. The lined areas on the map show the zone. Of course, an “Off-Road Vehicle” can be on the camp roads and parking lots within the No “Off-Road Vehicles” Zone. 

  2. All “Off-Road Vehicles” must stay on Sky Lodge land unless you have written permission from the landowner.

  3. All “Off-Road Vehicles” will follow the 5 mph speed limit along with all other vehicles. This speed limit includes roads, fields, and wooded trails.

  4. “Off-Road Vehicle” drivers will follow the Wisconsin traffic laws regulating “Off-Road Vehicles”. (One of these laws state that a driver must be 16 years old).

  5. “Off-Road Vehicles” will be operated according to the safety equipment and passenger guidelines stated in the manufacturers owners manual.

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