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April 13, 2024


Need help paying for camp?  Raise money
by raking leaves for Sky Lodge!
1. Register to attend the Rake-A-Thon on April 13, 2024. There are three ways to do that:
  • Call 608-297-2566 to register.

  • Or -  email to register

  • Or  - indicate you are coming on your camp registration form

2. Gather pledges from friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, whoever!
3. Come to camp on April 13th 
  • Breakfast - 8:00 (Sky Lodge provides meals free of charge)

  • Raking starts - 9:00

  • Lunch -12:00

  • Work ends - 3:00

3. Bring to Sky Lodge on April 13th
  • A Rake

  • Work Gloves

  • Workin' clothes

  • Your completed pledge sheet, with complete addresses.

  • Envelopes with complete and accurate addresses. Address one envelope for each person who has made a pledge. Also, please put your return address on the envelope!

  • Stamps - put a first class stamp on each envelope. (If you forget to bring your stamps to the Rake-a-thon, we will put the stamps on for you and charge your Rake-a-thon account.)

  • Bring your mom or dad! (optional) We need lots of adult volunteers!

4. Start Raking!
5. Don't forget to register for camp!
Attending Rake-a-thon does not register you for camp, it just helps you raise the money for camp.  Register by April 1 to receive your Early Bird Reward - a free t-shirt!  More info about our summer camps can be found here.
Additional Instructions
Register for camp! 

Coming to the Rake-a-thon does not register you for camp, it just helps you raise the money for camp. Register for summer camp by April 1st to receive your Early Bird Reward - a free t-shirt!

Rake-a-thon Money Policy  

Any funds received from scholarships and Rakeathon pledges will go first toward camp fees, then to horseback riding fees, paintball fees (if horseback riding or paintball is desired), then up to $20 Hitching Post (camp store) money. Any additional funds will go toward the Scholarship Fund for needy campers. If a camper unexpectedly cancels their camp reservation, all the funds earned will go into the camp scholarship fund.


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