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Here is why we are sharing our dreams and goals:

We have a Compelling Vision: We want to impact our youth as we provide meaningful programs and recreation in top quality facilities; sharing Jesus with all types of campers.


We have a Comprehensive Action Plan: We know what to do first! It’s all planned, from a new oven, to new canoes, to new fishing areas, to new cabins, to a major endowment!


We love Teamwork: All of our major development has come from people who understand the value Sky Lodge brings to their family, church or personal life.

Become a Sustaining Ministry Partner


Follow these 3 simple steps to join the Sky Lodge Sustaining Ministry Partner team!


STEP 1.  Enter General Information


STEP 2.  Decide a Giving Amount & How Often to Give


STEP 3.  Select a Giving Method (Payment does not need to be made now - we will reach out to you in the future to process the payment.)


We have 3 different payment plans available: 

  1. US Mail

  2. Auto Withdrawl

  3. Credit/Debit Card through PayPal  (A small percentage is taken as a processing fee if you select the credit/debit method.  If you wish to pay electronically, the auto withdrawl method is preferred.)

Guiding Principles in Ministry


Sky Lodge Christian Camp Will:


  • Intentionally use creation in our programs and recreation.

  • Predominantly minister to the North Central Conference, while maintaining a guest group ministry.

  • Target “churched” population.

  • Provide development and leadership of programs.

  • Provide clean, safe, modern facility reflective of its natural setting.

  • Develop facilities geared toward adults and recreation toward teens.

  • Offer a variety of quality recreational opportunities (staffed).

  • Have all buildings and major recreation areas accessible to the physically challenged.

  • Meet the need for technology without allowing it to be a distraction.

  • Provide quiet opportunities.

  • Fully provide for and equip full-time, part-time and volunteer staff.

  • Actively pursue donations and endowments to significantly contribute toward financial commitments.

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