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A Season of Adjustments and "Slimming Down"

Before discussing the adjustments Sky Lodge is making for the next 4-5 months, please celebrate with me. This summer campers learned of Jesus' love for us. Many campers acknowledged that Jesus took the punishment for our sin, personally asked for forgiveness, and believed that God raised Jesus from the dead. It is encouraging, exciting and energizing to know all the efforts, gifts and sacrifices are being used by God. Thank you. 

In this COVID season we have found that attendance has been affected in three areas. First, the sessions that Sky Lodge organizes had half the attendance as normal. Secondly, the Guest Group (rental groups) bookings are finding it difficult to navigate all the realities of COVID response, so the majority are deciding not to have an outing. The few who do decide to have an event are very hesitant to share the facility with another group. Third, if an organization decides to have an event, they are most likely scheduling a one day event, not an overnight. 

These factors led to a situation where there were very few late fall and winter groups on the calendar. So here are the 2020/2021 adjustments: 

  • Put many of our cabins (Cottonwood, Hickory, Birch, Pine, Oak) on “hibernation” by blowing out water lines, allowing us to eliminate the heat and electricity costs.

  • We will keep the Gym, Lodge, Kitchen, Motels and Maple Cabin open. This will allow us to host small groups of 30-40. Having the gym open allows for one day recreation events. 

  • Move Snowfest and Men's Retreat to the spring. We’ll loose broomball and tubing, but gain the warm weather, fishing, canoeing, paintball, etc.

  • Reduce expenses (delay projects, and renegotiate insurances, phone contracts, waste management, etc) 

  • Reduce staff - As staff moved on, with lower attendance this fall, we have not replenished their positions. We have Steve Hankins (Director), Terry Hankins (Registrar/Secretary-part time), Jeremy Stephens (Program Director/Maintenance) and Michelle Undraitis (Food Service - as needed).

  • We’ll make good use of the reduced group schedule by organizing volunteer work crews throughout the next few months. We already have Spring 2021 groups on the calendar. 

So, a season of adjustments. But this year, we all know about adjustments!


Thanks, Steve Hankins

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