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Fall 2019
Highway 23 Construction

When you exit I-39 on to Hwy 23 East (exit 106), you will see signs saying that Hwy 23 is closed.  For standard sized vehicles, it is actually OPEN to Montello.

Directions for Standard Vehicles: 


When you drive into Montello on Hwy 23 heading east from I-39...

  • Follow the normal directions to Sky Lodge.  There will be a place in Montello that goes to one lane.  A temporary stoplight will direct you though the one lane.

Directions for Buses:

Alternate directions for buses.  This is a back way around the lake that will avoid the detour.  

  • Driving into Montello on Hwy 23 heading east (from I-39)

  • Turn left on County Road B (across from Tween the Lake Motel and Johnson's Boats and Motors)

  • Turn right on 11th Road  (There is a sign for Crooked River Campground on the corner)

  • 11th Road makes a sharp right turn when you are passing Crooked River Campground

  • Turn right on Evergreen

  • Turn right on County Road Y

  • You will approach Sky Lodge from the north coming this way, so we will be on the right hand side of the road.

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