General Info
Imagine creating & blasting cool robots thru exciting adventures! Hands-on innovation rules with the versatility of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT. 21st century computer games at a whole new level with individual focused & team paced challenges for all skill levels. Plus... your favorite camp activities!

Robot Plus is open to boys & girls entering grades 7 - 9, and the space is limited.  (Limit 20)  So sign up early!  


Robot Plus Cost: $455

($40 Deposit + $415 Camp Fee

What to Expect at Robot Plus
Laser Racing

Robots need stimulation. This game uses a laser pointer to talk to the robot. Hit the target and the robot goes forward. A steady hand is needed to keep the pointer focused all the way to the finish line. Hold on, why is my robot going backward? Is someone else talking to my robot? Strategy and stamina are needed to win this game.


Line Follower

Robots are really good at following directions. A common robotic challenge is a line follower. Does your robot follow lines fast or slow? Will it fall off the line and get lost? There are lots of ways to improve accuracy and speed. Can you draw a line that your robot follows best?


Remote Control

Mindstorms NXT has a built in blue tooth wireless radio. Pair the radio with a transmitter and the robot becomes remote control! Now the robot is your slave! But wait there’s more. Remember the line follower? Can you follow the line better with remote control, or will the robot do best on its own? You might be surprised!


Maze Runner

You’ve probably heard of a rat race, or a mouse in a maze. Robots do it too. We will program them to do the maze by themselves, but then see if radio control can speed it up?


Sumo Wrestling

Head to head Robots duke it out in the ring. This is a classic robot club battle. We will wish there was more time for this one! Most robot camp construction is really simple. This activity needs strong physical joints and well thought program strategy. We will just get a taste of greatness…


Obstacle Challenge

Did you ever run the “All camp relay” at Young Teen Camp? Robots love camp relays. You might be surprised to know they play carpet ball and shoot archery? Our Camp Grand Challenge will get robots geared up and fitted for speed and endurance to take on the toughest robot tasks Sky Lodge has ever seen! This activity is based on Lego League challenges, so “Gracious Professionalism” is our guide. You won’t want to miss it!





Special Deals
Early Bird Reward

Send your youth camp registration in by April 1 and receive the official 2020 camp t-shirt free when you arrive at camp!

"I'm Coming Back" Discount

Attend a 2020 youth camp and receive a $100 discount off a second week of youth camp!

Family Discount

We will subtract 10% from the price when you bring a brother or sister to camp! (10% off the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc...)


*Limit one discount per camper

Required Forms

Confidential Form

Health History Form


Check Out Form

Off Grounds Permission Form


These required forms are available for you to print out and fax to us, or bring with you on registration day.  You will also receive a copy of these forms upon registration.


If you have any further questions, please contact the registrar at camp:

Phone: 608-297-2566 

Fax: 608-297-7080



We look forward to serving you and your children this summer!

Parent Info

Please read through our handbook to gain a better understanding of our program.  It also includes a list of items to pack and pick-up/drop-off instructions.


Parents Handbook


Important details regarding our registration process:

  • All campers under the age of 18 must present a health history report completed by a parent or guardian.

  • Our campers' insurance is for injuries only and begins where yours terminates. In the event you have no personal or organizational policy, our policy will provide you with coverage within its limits subject to policy provision.

  • The use of alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs, and tobacco are prohibited.

  • If you must cancel, please notify the camp immediately. The deposit is non-refundable, but may be transferred to a new registration.

  • Rules for acceptance and participation in camp are equal for all regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap.

  • Sky Lodge Christian Camp is a ministry of the North Central Conference of the Free Methodist Church.

  • Parent information will be sent out after registrations are received



Here are two other really great camps we offer for students entering grades 7, 8, & 9!


7:15  Wake up, get dressed, and participate in cabin clean up.

8:15  Breakfast - Yum! (Hot entrée with cold cereal and fruit always available)

9:00  Morning Devotional - A short morning lesson from the Bible

9:30  Robot Creation Time! - Campers will design and modify robots for a variety of challenges. 

12:15  Lunch - More good food for hungry active campers! (Lunch and supper also include salad bar!)

1:00  Robot Creation Time! - Camper will have more time to fine tune and modify their lego robots. 

2:00  Free Time! - Go to the Hitching Post (snack bar), free swim, horse rides!
This free time is well supervised in all areas by counselors and camp staff. Your child will have choices as they go to and from activities, but each area is supervised.

4:00  Afternoon Activity

5:15  Supper - Another well balanced meal! (Mail is passed out)

6:00  Evening Activity - Group game that includes all campers.  
It's always noisy and fun!

8:00  Evening Chapel - More fun songs with a guitar and a Bible lesson.

9:00  Get ready for Bed - PJ's, brush teeth, wash up and settle down for the night. 

9:30  Cabin Devotions - Cabin counselor leads short story time and prayer with the kids.

10:00  Lights Out - Go to sleep after a fun filled day!